• Cashcashe is an innovative secure technology based in online game room for gaming, lotteries and gambling.
  • The platform enables you to participate in lotteries, scratch off, play dice and many other games. Our collection of games is constantly updated.
  • We created Cashcashe using the benefits of innovative secure technology: smart contracts, publicity, equality, and security.

Why us?

  • In the next 10 years the global online gambling market capitalization will exceed 100 billions of dollars, but there has always been a serious issue of trust.
  • The players don’t trust operators, and are even unsure about the online games (casinos, lotteries, poker rooms).
  • The great strength and attraction of ours is that by using innovative secure technology and smart contracts logic we make games, lotteries, and prize drawing completely transparent for the players. The results of each game are verifiable in the innovative secure technology encrypted system. The winnings are distributed by the innovative securely automatically, without human beings involved.
  • Now the Players can trust the Cashcashe games, Cashcashe’s innovative encrypted technology is guarding your play.

Absolute transparency

  • Absolute transparency and independence are the basics of our solution and of innovative secure technology.
  • The results of each game are verifiable in the innovative encrypted technology system and cannot be manipulated.
  • Each game is based on the smart contracts, the codes of which are secured and granted to the Players.

Fair chances to each player

  • The game is based on totally random combinations received from innovative technology system. These are secure and cannot be manipulated. Your winnings are dependent only on fortune and mathematical probability.
  • The winnings are distributed by the innovative technology, not by human beings, strictly in accordance with the rules of the game.
  • The system automatically sends the winnings to the winner immediately after they have been determined, securely.

Advanced privacy

  • Today the security of personal data is very important for the Players. Cashcashe innovative technology adopts a new approach to Privacy.
  • Cashcashe system does not contain any personal information. It does, however, store game data, which is secure and encrypted.